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A new era in Finance & Talent: Operational excellence in headcount management
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Who should attend
Finance & Talent leaders
45 min
Headcount management

Join us:

Enterprise headcount management is not just a process; it's a strategic imperative that underpins fiscal health and drives organizational growth. Watch to learn how industry leaders at 23andme and Docker have revolutionized this crucial function, transforming it from a fragmented exercise into a cohesive, collaborative strategy that enhances operational excellence.

At the heart of many organizational challenges is the disconnect between headcount data housed in various systems—Human Capital Management (HCM), Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This lack of integration often forces teams to revert to outdated spreadsheet methods, which are prone to errors, lack real-time updates, and do not support adequate access controls. Such inefficiencies manifest in more serious consequences: delayed decision-making, overspending, and missed revenue targets.

There is a better way.

This webinar features insights from Anne Comolli, Director of Talent Acquisition at 23andme, and Aaron Solomon, Sr. Finance Manager at Docker. Discover how their companies have adopted a cutting-edge approach to headcount management, integrating fragmented data sources into a single, accurate, and actionable view. This unified approach not only speeds up decision-making but also ensures that it is more informed and strategically aligned.

What you’ll learn:

✅ How integrating disparate data can create a real-time single source of truth for headcount.

✅ The importance of real-time visibility for all stakeholders with access control.

✅ Techniques for enhancing collaboration between Finance and Talent to align strategic decisions with organizational goals.

✅ How to measure the impact of operational excellence on headcount management.Register now for an opportunity to reshape how your organization handles its most valuable resource.

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.