TeamOhana app for Slack streamlines communication about headcount

Add the TeamOhana app to Slack to get notifications about headcount approvals, changes, and updates in real time.
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November 28, 2022
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TeamOhana is a strategic headcount management platform that empowers fast-changing businesses to plan and manage headcount with confidence.

The platform was built to improve collaboration and the TeamOhana app for Slack makes it even easier.

Learn about the TeamOhana app for Slack in this blog. Add to Slack now ->

Manage headcount where your daily work happens

Companies that use TeamOhana to manage their headcount have access to multiple tools within the platform.

  • Headcount Ledger – Get an accurate headcount forecast that brings together data from across systems.
  • Requests and Approvals - Simple, streamlined, self-service process to request and approve headcount.
  • Budgets & Forecasts - Forecast budget variance in real-time by tracking actual expenses against headcount budget.
  • Hiring Tracker – Get complete visibility into how hiring is going against the plan.
  • Recruiter Workboard – Ensure recruiters only work on approved headcount.

These tools are useful because they pull data from multiple sources – ATS, HRIS, hiring plan – to provide accurate headcount information that’s always up to date. In addition, because TeamOhana is designed for users from Finance, Talent, HR, and budget owners, it enables smoother collaboration around a single source of truth for all stakeholders.

The TeamOhana app for Slack enhances all of these tools so you can manage headcount wherever is easiest for you.

Requests & Approvals

In TeamOhana, you can set up dynamic workflows for incremental headcount approvals as well as change requests related to approved headcount.

The workflows ensure that all headcount requests are approved by the right people in the right sequence before hiring starts.

The TeamOhana app for Slack enables hiring managers to make new requests and review existing, approved, and denied requests. It also enables approvers to see their queue and approve or deny new requests from within Slack.

Hiring Tracker

The Hiring Tracker shows you how hiring is going against the plan. You can receive notifications and stay up to date on changes to headcount that are assigned to you.

Recruiter Workboard

Talent teams are TeamOhana users, as well. They use the Recruiter Workboard, which shows only the approved headcount that they own. With the TeamOhana app for Slack, recruiters can receive notifications anytime a new headcount is assigned to them. They can begin working on the new req sooner with knowledge that it is fully approved and ready to hire.

How to integrate TeamOhana with Slack

  1. Add to Slack.
  2. Press the Connect to TeamOhana button inside the Slack app.
  3. Open Slack and start collaborating!
To learn more about TeamOhana and strategic headcount management, contact us.

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