All-in-one Headcount Platform

Unify fragmented headcount data to unlock proactive, collaborative, and data-driven decision-making around headcount, the largest company cost.
Finance & Talent leaders at ambitious companies plan with TeamOhana

Automate headcount reconciliation and run real-time headcount forecasts

TeamOhana integrates fragmented data from your HRIS, ATS, and ERP into a real-time source of headcount truth – not in spreadsheets.
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Make headcount forecasting simple and accurate

Eliminate 60+ hours of manual work every month with a single source of
headcount truth.

Track hiring progress to hit goals on time and within budget

All stakeholders – including business leaders and hiring managers – get real-time visibility into plans and hiring progress.

Stop unapproved headcount costs

Structured approval workflows provide cost controls that prevent over-hiring and 

Accelerate decision- making and agility with self-service headcount modeling

TeamOhana makes it easier than ever to run multiple headcount scenarios, quickly measure impact, and make collaborative decisions to adapt your headcount plan for changing market conditions.
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Make smarter headcount decisions

Know the current progress of your headcount plan and use real-time modeling tools to make the right adjustments to stay in budget.

Build informed, data-driven headcount plans

Finance can streamline budget distribution to departments and teams, offering visibility to plan within financial limits.

Enable collaboration with access control

Collaboration features make it easy to work alongside hiring managers to help them make changes to their plan as things change.

An org chart that’s always up-to-date

TeamOhana’s dynamic org chart ends the need for manual org chart creation and helps you visualize the headcount plan.
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Save time manually re-creating org charts

TeamOhana’s org chart doesn’t require any manual work to create or maintain, since it’s connected to real-time HRIS data.

Visualize and design your future org

Visualize the current org and plan the future org in a sandbox environment – without making changes to the HRIS.

Guide strategic workforce decisions

Visualize the workforce by any attribute to make decisions based on real-time org design. No reporting or HRIS digging needed.

Run transparent comp cycles

TeamOhana simplifies your compensation processes, ensuring equitable and clear pay decisions aligned with your business goals – in a fraction of the time.
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Accelerate merit cycles

Set up a unified, configurable merit cycle with clear timelines – no more updating spreadsheets and struggling to stay organized.
Advanced criteria

Promote and retain top performers

Empower managers to reward their top performers while providing visibility to stay within budget.

Never fall out of step with the market

Ensure your compensation strategy stays competitive and equitable with real-time market data and analytics.

Get headcount insights instantly with AI

TeamOhana’s Copilot enables every business, Finance, and People leader to get answers to their headcount questions in seconds by “having a conversation” with the system.
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Get to insights faster

Answer on-demand workforce questions in 30 seconds, versus spending hours compiling data.

Uncover and act on trends that humans might miss

Use AI-driven analysis to make headcount decisions – smarter, better, faster.

Build a high performing workforce

Create efficiencies and flexibility that help you scale effectively, driving competitive advantage in the market.

Connect your systems with one-click integrations

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.