Unify headcount data and processes

Unlock headcount operational efficiency with the only platform engineered to provide visibility and control of your #1 asset and cost: people.

Visualize current and future team

Utilize a Dynamic Org Chart with all relevant people data. See it in action ➝

Streamline approvals

Simplify and centralize headcount requests and make better approval decisions with an audit trail for visibility.

Build dynamic plans

Maintain data integrity and flexibility as your headcount plan changes and evolves over time.

Focus on approved roles

Eliminate confusion and wasted time by only assigning approved headcount to recruiters.

Open roles to the ATS

Automatically pass along all job info, including title, description, compensation, and other details. See it in action ➝

Forecast accurately

Track hiring at a department level, including budgets, forecasts, and expected variance.

Formalize headcount change requests

Establish auditable approval processes for changes like start dates, compensation, reporting manager, and more.

Simplify employee changes

Initiate, approve, and execute promotions, internal transfers, and backfills in under five minutes. Internal transfers in less than 5 minutes ➝

Guide capital allocation decisions

Track budgets versus actuals for each team and division at a granular level to make smarter decisions.

See growth over time

Get the headcount growth information you need, when you need it, without consulting spreadsheets or multiple systems.

Forecast cash burn

Take the fully loaded costs of your current employee roster plus your entire hiring plan to forecast annual burn rate.

Report on headcount

Answer any and all headcount questions from execs and the Board, without spending time digging through old data.

Connect your systems with one-click integrations

Product resources

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.