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  • Unify fragmented headcount data in a single source of truth
  • Save 60 monthly hours on manual headcount reconciliation
  • Drive collaboration between Finance, Talent, and the business
  • Make smarter headcount decisions with real-time data

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All-in-one Headcount Platform

Unlock visibility into plan and hiring progress

Unleash collaboration with access control

Enable visibility and cross-functional collaboration around headcount data that everyone trusts.


Stop unapproved headcount spend

Automate reconciliation of your ATS, HRIS, and plan data

Run accurate, real-time headcount forecasts


Work only on pre-approved roles by Finance and HR

Connect approved headcount to open requisitions in your ATS

Track hiring status from job-open to offer-accept


Manage all headcount and compensation data in one place

Measure span of control, diversity, and pay equity

Avoid overstaffing and going over budget

Budget Owner

Visualize your current and future org design

Build bottom-up headcount plans - not in spreadsheets

Track plan and hiring progress in real-time

See productivity and cost benefits in 4 weeks

  • 75%
    Reduction in low value work
  • 60+
    Hours saved monthly
  • $294K
    Avg. savings in unapproved headcount

We'll guide you every step of the way

Our mission is to empower you to take control of your headcount process.

Two week onboarding

Our best-in-class enablement team will help you unleash the full potential of the platform.

Ultimate guides

Every user gets access to comprehensive best practices docs to optimize planning.

Platinum support

We take pride in our fast response times and availability.

Help center

Explore articles, walk-through videos, and other guidance to help you succeed.

Customer success

We partner with you to drive user adoption across all key stakeholders.

Early access

Our Customer Advisory Board gets to experience new time-saving features and provide early feedback.

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Connect your systems with one-click integrations

What customers are saying about TeamOhana

“TeamOhana is our headcount source of truth that solves cross-functional alignment problems across Finance, HR, Recruiting, and Hiring Managers.”
Scott Baumgartner
“We are a hardware company that has a complex hiring plan. We used spreadsheets in the past, and it created a lot of resourcing issues. TeamOhana has brought transparency, clarity, and process to our headcount planning, opening up much needed conversations about headcount.”
My Doan Cong
VP People
“I could tell immediately that they understood the pains of headcount planning, and the platform solves many of our issues today.”
Ronnie Ness
Talent Ops Manager
“TeamOhana is the perfect tool to give us real-time data to make more informed decisions, smarter & faster.”
Omar Hamade
Sr. FP&A Analyst
“TeamOhana has allowed us to move away from disconnected Google sheets and integrate everything with our HRIS and ATS in order to have live updates to our forecast without manual intervention.”
Daniel Fulmer
Finance Director
“We now have the ability to empower our entire leadership team with relevant data, track and manage our headcount via backfills and new positions, and our F&P team has visibility over changes which is helping them budget more accurately.”
Amanda Davenport
Director of Talent Acquisition
“With TeamOhana, my functional leaders can visualize, plan, and manage their teams with accurate information at any time. The tool streamlines our process immensely.”
Holly Cafiero
Chief People Officer
“TeamOhana stands as a pivotal partner in our pursuit of excellence. Its innovative features, coupled with its commitment to simplifying and enhancing our processes, have propelled our hiring practices to new heights.”
Lulu Vega
Talent Experience Specialist
“TeamOhana gives us a platform with the accuracy and reliability we were looking for.”
Yatin Mody
Head of Finance
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Connect your systems with one-click integrations

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.