Reduce manual headcount tracking by 90%

TeamOhana is the single source of truth for your company's approved hiring plan.
Only work on approved headcount
Assign recruiters to approved roles
Automate job creation with one click
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Less meetings, more collaboration


Allocate resources to meet current and future headcount needs


Recruit for approved roles, no more distractions
Visibility into approved headcount


Save time opening jobs and copy-pasting ATS data into spreadsheets
Hours saved per month

Run a streamlined headcount process

Eliminate the noise in the headcount process. Collaborate and communicate with key stakeholders more efficiently in a single, cross-functional tool.
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Keep Finance informed with real-time data

When you're updating information across multiple spreadsheets, that's time NOT spent recruiting. TeamOhana automates this busy work with real-time integrations to your ATS, HRIS, and hiring plan.
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Hire the right people, at the right time, at the right cost

Get the context and approvals you need to effectively prioritize the hiring plan, and help the business hit goals.

Why Talent teams choose TeamOhana

"Eliminating the Slack conversations and multiple spreadsheets regarding headcount and moving to one tool has been a huge time saver!"
Breanna Paredes
Breanna Paredes
Head of Global Talent
“TeamOhana gives my recruiting team everything they need to execute on the roles they own.”
Molly Murphy
Head of Talent
“This solved a huge problem around the hiring plan that I had been having for months.”
Pavan Chatlapalli
Pavan Chatlapalli
Recruiting Lead

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.