The Recruiting Workboard: Where Talent leaders can review approved roles and open jobs to the ATS

Headcount planning

Only work on approved headcount

The Recruiting Workboard provides a single source of truth for hiring across the company, ensures that you're working only on the approved roles for the company's fiscal year, and enables automated creation of jobs and openings in the ATS.

The integration between TeamOhana and ATS platforms like Greenhouse and Ashby allows for automated job creation directly from the Recruiting Workboard, saving recruiters loads of time and manual work.

By eliminating the need for spreadsheets, the Recruiting Workboard drives visibility and control into the hiring plan and helps recruiters and talent leaders cut their manual work by 50%.

With the Recruiting Workboard, your talent team can spend more time finding the best possible candidates for your organization.

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.