Why Department Leaders and Hiring Managers love TeamOhana

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The ultimate one-stop shop for all employee information

With seamless integration with your HRIS and ATS, TeamOhana consolidates data from multiple systems, saving you hours or even days of manual tracking.

In the TeamOhana Dashboard, you will gain valuable insights with metrics on employee count, burn rate, attrition rate, and new hires, comparing them year over year.

Explore graphs projecting company growth and track your Talent team's performance against headcount goals.

Dive into the hiring plan to analyze data by various filters and identify areas for action. See how TeamOhana streamlines change requests, ensuring transparency, auditability, and budget impact analysis.

With our platform's integration of people data, talent data, and finance data, you can confidently meet your business goals. Perfect for companies growing over 20%, TeamOhana offers a 360-degree view of your organization, enabling scalable and budget-conscious hiring.

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