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Department leaders - listen up.

In this video, Tyler Chapman, Head of Customer Enablement and Onboarding, demonstrates how TeamOhana's powerful org charthelps department leaders plan and manage their teams more efficiently and visually.

Why do hiring managers need a people planning platform? 

Now, you can visualize your current team and plan for future growth. With real-time information on direct reports, skip level reports, and open roles, you can gain a level of visibility unmatched by any other org chart. Hiring status tags keep you informed about each role's progress and highlight the unique sandbox-like functionality that enables you to reorganize the team structure seamlessly.

See the process of creating a request for a new hire by leveraging the cloning feature, which autofills critical details like job category, compensation, and reporting manager. This eliminates manual copying and pasting, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

Lastly, we take a look at the termination workflow, where initiating the termination process triggers an automatic backfill request, ensuring a seamless transition.

The entire process is simple, efficient, and designed to maximize productivity.

With the org chart, you have the ability to visualize and plan organizations, track hiring progress, and adapt to changes in real time and empower your teams to meet and exceed their goals. If your company aims to grow revenue in the next 12 months, don't wait! Start your people planning journey with TeamOhana today.

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