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Automating the internal transfer process

If you know, you know. The complexities of internal transfers within a company can be a nightmare to reconcile from a budget perspective.

TeamOhana simplifies the process of internal transfers by taking all the mental gymnastics out of the process and streamlining the reconciliation and subsequent backfill creation.

We walk through an example of an internal transfer within TeamOhana and demonstrate how it works. We show how the platform can locate the employee and initiate the internal transfer right from their profile, link the employee to the new headcount they will be filling, input the effective date of the new role, and add in a justification.

We also discuss the importance of tracking internal transfers, particularly when an employee is associated with two different headcounts, and how TeamOhana keeps track of everything.

With TeamOhana, the answers to budget-related questions are readily available, and everything is tracked directly in your budgets and forecast tab.

Overall, TeamOhana simplifies the internal transfer process, making it faster, more efficient, and less of a headache for all involved. Watch the video to see just how easy it can be!

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