How Hiring Managers create new headcount plans

Headcount planning
Hiring Manager

In this video, we talk about TeamOhana's Scenarios feature, a game-changer for planning season! Traditionally, planning involved complex back-and-forths between executives, finance, and department heads. But with Scenarios, it's now a breeze.

Watch how department leaders like the Engineering or Sales leader can create a new plan within their preset budget envelope, eliminating the need for endless spreadsheet sharing and reconciliation. They can easily track headcount and budget caps as they build their scenarios, even factoring in fiscal year impact. When ready, they simply submit the scenario for approval.

No more manual data reconciliation! Finance can swiftly approve and merge scenarios into a single plan, thanks to TeamOhana. This collaborative, bottom-up approach streamlines planning, giving you more time to focus on hiring top talent and achieving revenue goals.Welcome to a more efficient planning season!

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.