Introducing dynamic org charts: Org design made easy

TeamOhana’s dynamic org chart is the first of its kind to give you the true, full picture of your company's headcount.
Tyler Chapman
Head of Customer Onboarding and Enablement, TeamOhana
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April 4, 2023

Every company has said it at one time or another: “Our people are our most important asset.” In almost all cases, it is true. 

People are your most expensive asset, too. Like any expense, headcount spend needs to be planned, managed, and tracked diligently to achieve efficient growth and scale responsibly. 

The first step towards better management of headcount and headcount spend is real-time data. 

Over the past year, we’ve built the infrastructure to sync data from multiple systems into a single source of truth for key stakeholders in the headcount management process. Companies can now run their entire process in one platform, which saves significant time, reduces budget variance, and allows for a more collaborative headcount process.

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With this infrastructure in place, we’re excited to share the newest tool in the TeamOhana platform: dynamic org charts.

The problem with org charts today

Org charts are a consistent pain point for a lot of companies. 

The fundamental problem is that most companies create org charts in excel, PowerPoint, or Miro boards that are disconnected from other systems. They don’t automatically update in real-time, based on people data from the HRIS. 

In other words, when someone new gets hired, the org chart must be updated manually. When someone is promoted, transfers to another team, or leaves the company, the org chart must be updated manually. Any changes, and – you guessed it – the org chart must be updated manually.

All of these manual updates still only solve half the problem. Even if you were able to create an org chart that automatically updated with people data from the HRIS, the org chart would be incomplete. 

Your future headcount is missing.

Let's quantify that further. Future headcount includes approved roles from your hiring plan that aren’t open reqs yet, as well as people who are planning to leave the company at some future date.

This is known as “effective headcount.” You can learn more about it in our e-book on Strategic Headcount Management

Effective headcount is essentially the full picture of your company’s headcount. TeamOhana now provides this real-time view of current and future headcount in both a table and an org chart view.

In the dynamic org chart, you can visualize all employees, departments, reporting structure, levels, compensation, and more. 

You can also see all the new headcount within each department that are yet to be hired. For those that are yet to be hired, you can see where each role is in the hiring process, e.g. in progress, offer sent, or offer accepted with the start date. 

TeamOhana’s dynamic org chart is the first of its kind to give you the true, full picture of your company's headcount.

Dynamic org charts: From read-only to edit mode

In addition to current and future headcount in a visual org chart view, Dynamic org charts also enable leaders to make changes to their org. 

Do you want to request a new headcount? Promote someone? Backfill a role? All of this can be done within the tool.

For most companies, these requests are funneled through a request process that typically happens over email, Slack, or Zoom. Then, after requests are approved, more manual updates and communication needs to happen.

With TeamOhana, you can make those changes in the org chart with a few clicks. You’ll  see the budget impact of the change, and you can send it for approval. Once approved, HR and Talent get notifications and the overall forecast is automatically updated in real-time. 

It streamlines the entire org design, headcount approval, and forecasting process for functional leaders, HR, Talent, and Finance.

Visualize, plan, and manage

Efficiency today is key, and it applies to internal processes as well as overall company growth. As companies look for ways to do more with less and still grow responsibly, TeamOhana’s platform is giving companies like Docker, Postman, and Honeybook the data and insights they need to allocate capital effectively and make better decisions. 

TeamOhana’s dynamic org chart is just one of the tools in the new headcount tool box that makes it possible. 

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