Introducing: TeamOhana's new terminations workflow

TeamOhana's termination workflow is a gamechanger for the employee departure process, unlocking unparalleled efficiency, insight, and control across your organization. Read on to learn more.
Tyler Chapman
Head of Customer Onboarding and Enablement, TeamOhana
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June 21, 2023

Take a second to imagine that one of your direct reports has just notified you that she’s accepted an offer from another company and her last day is in two weeks. What’s your first move?

Do you send a Slack message to your boss? An email to HR? How do you ensure you’ve taken all of the necessary steps to begin your direct report’s offboarding process?

Terminations are an employee change for which many companies don’t have a clear playbook. However, it is an important process to get right as part of a well-run headcount management approach.

TeamOhana’s new workflow is a gamechanger for the employee departure process, unlocking unparalleled efficiency, insight, and control across your organization.

The terminations workflow offers something for everyone

Terminations in TeamOhana benefit every stakeholder in the process, providing:.

  • Visibility into employee changes for HR teams. HR will have a 360-degree view of terminations in real time, capturing crucial details instantly. Gain strategic, data-driven insights into workforce trends with just a click.
  • Clarity into headcount and budget forecasts for Finance teams. Access termination information the second it's entered for accurate planning and reporting. No more surprises, delays, or scrambling for the latest numbers.
  • A simplified, streamlined backfill request process for hiring managers. Request a replacement position at the same time as submitting a termination for optimal efficiency and a straightforward process. 
  • A head start on hiring for Talent Acquisition teams. Accelerate time to hire by optimizing each second that passes after the termination is submitted. Allow Talent to properly plan for and prioritize backfill roles with advanced notice. 

Finding clarity through the confusion

Our new terminations workflow allows managers and HRBPs to enter employee termination details through an intuitive interface.

This data flows through a customized approval process to notify stakeholders and trigger subsequent offboarding workflows, like entering the data into the HRIS and scheduling exit interviews. Gone are the days of sending a Slack message into a channel, hoping that it gets to the right people. 

As soon as the user submits the termination they’ll have the option to immediately create a backfill request, eliminating any uncertainty about how to move forward in getting the backfill in front of the Talent team.

Because everything happens in the same workflow, the terminating employee’s information will autofill on the backfill request. No more hopping back and forth across systems to track down level or compensation data. 

Finally, once the termination is acknowledged by all approvers, it's immediately reflected across key workforce and financial metrics in TeamOhana. Previously, Finance teams had to wait until the employee’s termination date had passed to pull an updated departmental headcount budget.

TeamOhana gives them that insight weeks earlier. 

Full employee lifecycle management

Managing employee terminations effectively and efficiently is crucial for every organization. By utilizing TeamOhana’s new workflow, you’ll not only streamline the entire termination process for Talent and hiring managers, but you’ll close reporting and visibility gaps for HR and Finance teams as well, helping your organization to achieve new level of insight and efficiency for every stage of the employee lifecycle. 

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