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February 14, 2023
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[From press release on February 14, 2023, originally published here.]


With the era of unlimited capital over, responsible growth is the new mandate. To help both scaleups and enterprises meet this new reality, TeamOhana unveils its enterprise strategic headcount management platform, now complete with dynamic org charts.

Unlike traditional org charts that only contain information about existing employees, TeamOhana’s dynamic org chart visualizes current and future headcount so companies can track and forecast headcount spend in real time. 

TeamOhana first brought its headcount management platform to market in October 2022 with the infrastructure to sync headcount data from siloed systems into a single source of truth. 

Since then, TeamOhana has added dynamic org charts to its feature set, obtained SOC 2 Type II compliance, enabled Okta active directory support, and doubled its customer base, which includes Docker, Postman, Newsela, Invoca, Flow, and others. 

“Dynamic org charts give CEOs and CFOs real-time visibility to see into the future of headcount and spend, and provide proactive guidance to leaders managing headcount expenses,” said Tushar Makhija, chief executive officer and co-founder of TeamOhana. “As platform builders, we’re thrilled to provide an enterprise-ready solution to help businesses be agile and grow responsibly.” 

“TeamOhana’s real-time data provides an accurate picture of our current and future headcount spend, which helps us make better capital allocation decisions,” said Keith Masuda, vice president of finance at Modern Treasury. “It also saves FP&A managers many hours of time so they can add value instead of doing busywork.” 

Holly Cafiero, chief people officer for Newsela, added, “The dynamic org chart feature is a huge step for TeamOhana. Now, my functional leaders can visualize, plan, and manage their teams with accurate information at any time. The ability to approve headcount requests and see budget impact will streamline our process immensely.”

To dig deeper into efficient growth practices, TeamOhana is co-hosting a virtual event on February 23rd with Beverly Carleton, operating partner at Katalyst Ventures and former global talent lead at LinkedIn, Google, and Pinterest. The event features panelists Scott Baumgartner, chief financial officer, Docker; Holly Cafiero, chief people officer, Newsela; Mike McDonald, head of talent acquisition, Snapchat; and Amanda Gregg, former head of talent acquisition, Postscript, Airbnb, and Asana. Register here. 

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