Balancing the scales: The path to efficient and agile growth and avoiding layoffs


Moderated by:

Beverly Carleton
Global Talent, Ex-LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, Fitbit

The era of “free money” is over. We’ve entered a new era focused on efficient, agile, and disciplined growth.

What does that look like? Our upcoming virtual event will share how execs from Snap, Docker, Airbnb, and Newsela are making it happen.

In two panel sessions, you’ll learn:

  • What efficient growth is and how to achieve it
  • Tools and suggestions to build tight alignment with business partners
  • Why uniform, real-time data is more important than ever 
  • Where to focus efforts over the next 2-3 quarters

Watch both panels on-demand!


Unlocking efficient growth as a team


Growth is a collaborative effort – efficient growth even more so.

Finance and Talent business partners need to speak the same language and share goals for successful collaboration to occur.

Our first panel brings together seasoned leaders from both worlds to help us understand how to create the right environment for efficient growth.


Scott Baumgartner
CFO, Docker
Amanda Gregg
Head of Talent Acquisition, Ex-Postscript, Airbnb, Asana
Beverly Carleton


Going from "growth at all costs" to headcount efficiency


When capital was readily available, the only question was “How fast can we grow?”

We've now seen the world shift to focus on efficiency.

Our second panel will explore what headcount efficiency looks like in the coming months.


Mike McDonald
Head of Talent Acquisition, Snap
Holly Cafiero
CHRO, Newsela
Beverly Carleton