Stopping unapproved headcount spend with collaborative approval workflows

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Centralized approval processes can help organizations eliminate unapproved headcount spending. TeamOhana uses a centralized approval desk and audit trails to track and approve all budget-impacting changes. This ensures that all changes are reviewed and approved by the appropriate people before being implemented. The approval desk provides a clear view of the approval chain and the history of changes made to a role. This eliminates the risk of unapproved headcount spend and provides a clear audit trail for all changes.


  • - Centralized approval desk for all budget-impacting changes
  • Preset group of approvers review and approve/deny requests before they go live
  • Audit trails track changes, including who made the change, what the change was, and when it occurred
  • Clear view of the approval chain for each request
  • Eliminates the risk of unapproved headcount spend

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.