Automating headcount reconciliation in the Headcount tab

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Headcount reconciliation is crucial for effective headcount management and planning. Traditional methods involve manual data collection, reconciliation, and cleanup, resulting in a static spreadsheet that quickly becomes outdated. TeamOhana's Headcount tab automates this process, providing a dynamic, single source of truth for headcount information, eliminating the need for manual updates.


  • Consolidates data from HR, finance, ATS, and hiring plans into a single, comprehensive view.
  • Real-time updates via hourly integrations with HR and ATS systems ensure accuracy and freshness.
  • Provides tiles for current headcount, starting headcount, new hires, future starts, terminations, hiring active, hiring not started, and forecast.
  • Automatically calculates forecast based on key headcount metrics.
  • Includes future terminations pulled directly from HR systems for comprehensive visibility.

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.