Ashby + TeamOhana

TeamOhana is the only headcount platform that integrates directly with Ashby to provide 100% hiring visibility to Hiring Managers and Finance – without any manual spreadsheet updates.

Special offer for Ashby customers: 10% discount with a 30 day free trial!

Single source of headcount truth for Talent teams

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Too many hiring spreadsheets?
Not anymore.


Efficiency for Talent teams




Hours saved
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Special offer for Ashby customers: 10% discount with a 30 day free trial!

At growing companies, the headcount plan and hiring tracker live in spreadsheets – lots of them. It takes a lot of time to keep those sheets up to date, and requires regular syncs with Finance and Hiring Managers just to stay aligned.

With TeamOhana, all of that manual work disappears.

  • TeamOhana is the only headcount solution that integrates directly with Ashby
  • Get approvals in TeamOhana, then seamlessly open approved roles in Ashby ATS with 1 click
  • Give complete hiring visibility to Hiring Managers & Finance – no manual spreadsheet updates

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Growth is a collaborative effort – efficient growth even more so.

Finance and Talent business partners need to speak the same language and share goals for successful collaboration to occur.

Our first panel brings together seasoned leaders from both worlds to help us understand how to create the right environment for efficient growth.


Boost your team's efficiency and productivity

"TeamOhana and Ashby together have doubled the efficiency of me and my team. Since we don't have to chase down or wait on information about approved roles, we can spend more time recruiting incredible talent and running a seamless hiring process."
Breanna Paredes
Breanna Paredes
Director, Recruiting
Modern Treasure
“Ashby and TeamOhana have helped everyone on my team understand exactly where our headcount plan stands. Because of TeamOhana, everyone involved in the decision-making process is able to communicate better and have clear insight. We are able to work more efficiently because of the integration.”
Sierra Allen
Sierra Allen
Recruiting Ops Manager
"The role based permission controls and the integration into our ATS makes using TeamOhana simple and effective."
Pavan Chatlapalli
Pavan Chatlapalli
Recruiting Lead

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.