Get excited about internal transfers again with TeamOhana's new update

TeamOhana brings automation, centralized visibility, and reconciliation to your process.
Tyler Chapman
Head of Customer Onboarding and Enablement, TeamOhana
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July 5, 2023

We're excited to share our new and improved internal transfer feature, which centralizes multiple critical people ops and finance workflows in one system. 

The problem with internal transfers today

As we know from our Financial Analyst friends, internal transfers are tricky and complicated. The standard practice for reconciliation involves tracking down multiple people, logging into numerous systems, and spending hours calculating the financial impact of the role change. 

It’s a time suck, but an important one - neglecting to tie up all of the loose ends involved in an internal transfer could have drastic downstream implications. Financial analysts everywhere just wish there was an easier way to tackle this workflow so they could be excited for their coworkers, rather than bogged down by all of the administrative rigamarole that accompanies internal transfers.  

Now there is. 

A streamlined workflow promotes adoption and increases visibility

When you initiate internal transfers in TeamOhana, you’re not only ensuring that all of the financial details around the employee’s move are reconciled, but you’re also given the opportunity to create a backfill for that employee – all in the same workflow. 

The benefits of the new internal transfers feature are:

  1. Increased visibility - You'll have visibility into the financial impact of transfers on budgets and forecasts. You'll know immediately when roles are filled internally.
  2. A more streamlined process - You can handle the entire transfer process in one system, from approvals to backfill requests. This eliminates handoffs between systems.
  3. Automated reconciliation - Once the employee’s record is updated in your HRIS, the internal transfer in TeamOhana will close. The automatic reconciliation of data between the two systems reduces manual effort and risk of human error.
  4. Up-to-date hiring plans - Roles filled by internal transfers are immediately marked as closed in your hiring plan, maintaining real-time accuracy.
  5. Better planning and forecasting - Having accurate data on transfers, budgets and headcount gives you a more realistic basis for future planning and forecasting.
  6. Increased efficiency - Less time spent on administrative tasks like manual calculations, data entry and cross-system collaboration frees up time for higher-value work.

TeamOhana’s internal transfer workflow ensures your budgets, headcount, and hiring plans are optimized based on real-time updates to your workforce. The automation, real-time visibility and streamlined process improve efficiency and forecasting at your organization, and make it so that you can get excited about internal transfers again. 

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