Accelerate decision-making with the All-in-One Headcount Platform for enterprise

TeamOhana was founded on the idea that headcount is a team sport – but most “teams” aren’t set up to win.
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April 18, 2024

While many systems store people and budget data (HCM, ATS, ERP, etc.), none of these systems are integrated. This leaves business teams with no choice but to use spreadsheets to track headcount plans and budgets. The problem is that spreadsheets require manual updates and lack access controls, which lead to more serious issues like delayed decisions and overspending.

We set out to fix that by synchronizing headcount data from the fragmented systems of record into a single source of truth for headcount. This was Phase I of TeamOhana. Since October 2022, when we emerged from stealth, we have more than tripled revenue, signed 30 new customers (including 23andme, Metronet, and Jobber), and placed our stamp on headcount management as one of the most overlooked challenges in the enterprise today.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil Phase II: the All-in-One Headcount Platform. It is the next generation of enterprise headcount management designed to accelerate decision-making and unlock operational excellence around the largest company expense and most important resource: headcount.

Enterprise headcount management: All in one

Enterprise headcount management is complex, yet crucial. The consequences of getting headcount wrong are all around us: missed revenue targets, shrinking margins, layoffs, and more. On the other hand, getting headcount right is often the precursor to profitable growth, reduced budget risk, and a thriving workforce. 

With TeamOhana’s All-in-One Headcount Platform, enterprises have everything they need to “get headcount right.” The platform consists of five integrated modules, which power workflows and insights for business teams to optimize headcount costs and drive operational efficiency. 

  • Headcount Management: Unifies fragmented data, automates headcount reconciliation, and helps companies track the headcount plan and forecast in real time. 
  • Scenario Planning: Accelerates headcount decisions with self-service headcount modeling so companies can adapt to changing market conditions. 
  • Dynamic Org Charts: Eliminates manual org charts and enables users to visualize both current workforce and new hires in a single org chart. 
  • [NEW] Compensation Planning: Simplifies merit cycles to run in a fraction of the time, enabling managers to promote and retain top performers. 
  • [NEW] People Analytics: Provides instant headcount insights with the AI Copilot. 

Enterprises can now rely on TeamOhana’s platform for the entire headcount lifecycle – to plan, hire, promote, and retain the workforce. 

Compensation as an extension of headcount management

Customers continually told us that promotion/merit cycles were just as painful and spreadsheet-heavy as headcount management. By adding our new compensation planning module, TeamOhana customers now can save dozens more hours on merit cycle management.

Here’s why adding compensation planning to the TeamOhana platform makes so much sense for our customers:

  • One less procurement process for another piece of software.
  • Integrations are connected and working.
  • Compensation data, salary bands, and leveling are already set up.
  • Execs and frontline managers prefer the TeamOhana interface and functionality.

“Our previous method of conducting compensation reviews was difficult to manage and didn’t allow us to give the transparency to leaders that we wanted. TeamOhana has enabled us to set up one cycle that we can configure to include everyone in a way that provides a clear timeline of each milestone, allows the business leader to review their direct reports and provide recommendations, and allows our HR business partners to provide support all along the way. This all takes place in one platform! No more updating spreadsheets and struggling to keep everything organized. It’s all right there in the system that’s familiar to us. Enablement was also a breeze because our team relies on TeamOhana for headcount planning. Since this isn’t a one-time-a-year tool for us, our team is familiar with the system and we can spend our time focusing on compensation instead of getting everyone reacquainted with the system.”
– Megan Wood, Strategic HR Operations Manager, Newsela

AI-first headcount insights 

Last year, global HR analyst Josh Bersin described a world where generative AI is integrated into HR technology, saying, “I should just be able to chat with my HR system.” Imagine no more – TeamOhana built it.

As every HR and finance business partner knows, even the most innocuous workforce questions can take hours to answer. Each new request sends you down a rabbit hole of data exports, spreadsheet formulas, and manual work. With the new AI Copilot, our customers can generate real-time workforce reports instantly.

“Copilot allows me to answer workforce questions in 30 seconds versus taking an hour before. I can deliver insights to my executive team faster than ever.”

– Shira Gavriel, Sr. People Analyst, SeatGeek

We’re not stopping there. AI is a central part of our product strategy over the next 6-12 months, as we will advance our AI capabilities to provide proactive insights and recommendations about the workforce. Our ultimate goal is to 10X the productivity of the G&A function with AI-first headcount management. More to come later this year!

Next-gen headcount management for the enterprise

Today’s announcement is more than a product launch; it’s the start of a journey. 

With the introduction of TeamOhana’s All-in-One Headcount Platform, companies can look to TeamOhana as an enterprise solution to accelerate decision-making and optimize costs. We are committed to continuing to provide our customers with visibility, governance, insights, and collaboration around headcount, their largest expense and most important resource.

Join us live: Unveiling the All-in-One Headcount Platform

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  • Enterprises use TeamOhana to hit revenue targets, optimize margins, and avoid layoffs
  • Finance and Talent business partners use TeamOhana to collaborate with each other, as well as execs and frontline managers

Date: Tuesday, April 30th

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  • Tushar Makhija, Founder & CEO, TeamOhana
  • Charlie Schrier, Head of Marketing, TeamOhana
  • With special guest appearances from our customers and advisors!

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