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Headcount makes up 70% of your costs – the biggest expense on the P&L. Why do plan and manage it in spreadsheets?

TeamOhana is the headcount planning and workforce management platform that helps modern companies save time, money, and frustration tracking their number one asset and cost: people.

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The single source of headcount truth for growing companies

Bring accuracy and reliability to your headcount plans.


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Special offer for OneDigital clients: 10% discount with a 30 day free trial!

At growing companies, headcount plans, org charts, and the hiring tracker live in spreadsheets and other disconnected documents. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to keep those sheets up to date – and even after all that effort, the data is still unreliable and inaccurate.

With TeamOhana, all of that manual work disappears.

  • Run a collaborative headcount planning process, complete with role-based access controls for effective participation and visibility.
  • See budget vs. actuals in real-time so you can run accurate workforce forecasts and variance analysis at any time.
  • Manage complex workflows, such as backfills and internal transfers, in under 5 minutes with TeamOhana's automation and integrations to the ATS and HRIS.
  • Track key metrics and insights on the TeamOhana Dashboard that help you make proactive decisions, instead of reacting to lagging spreadsheet data.

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Growth is a collaborative effort – efficient growth even more so.

Finance and Talent business partners need to speak the same language and share goals for successful collaboration to occur.

Our first panel brings together seasoned leaders from both worlds to help us understand how to create the right environment for efficient growth.

We'll guide you every step of the way

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TeamOhana is more than a tool. Our best-in-class onboarding and enablement team will show you how to unleash the full potential of an efficient headcount management process.

Discover what you can achieve with us, along with time-saving tips, best practices, and shortcuts used by our satisfied customers. Let's work better together, and we'll help you reach new heights of productivity.

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We'll help with change management and ongoing training.

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Get early access to new features to try out before they're released broadly.


Boost your team's efficiency and productivity

"With TeamOhana, hours and hours of manual work has been eliminated, so my team can focus on what's really important."
Holly Cafiero
"Eliminating the Slack conversations and multiple spreadsheets regarding headcount and moving to one tool has been a huge time saver!"
Breanna Paredes
Breanna Paredes
Head of Global Talent
"TeamOhana has allowed us to move away from disconnected Google Sheets and have one seamless system that integrates with our HRIS and ATS in order to accelerate our forecast process."
Daniel Fulmer
Finance Director

Painless headcount planning for modern companies.