Lever + TeamOhana

TeamOhana integrates directly with Lever to provide hiring visibility to department leaders and Finance – without any manual spreadsheet updates.

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Single source of headcount truth for Talent teams

Too many hiring spreadsheets?
Not anymore.


Reduction in manual spreadsheet work


Hours saved monthly


Efficiency of Talent teams

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At growing companies, the headcount plan and hiring tracker live in spreadsheets – lots of them. It takes a lot of time to keep those sheets up to date, and requires regular syncs with Finance and Hiring Managers just to stay aligned.

With TeamOhana, all of that manual work disappears.

  • TeamOhana integrates directly with Lever.
  • Run approval workflows in TeamOhana to make sure recruiters only work on approved hires.
  • Give Hiring Managers & Finance live tracking of hiring progress on all open roles – no manual spreadsheet updates.

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Growth is a collaborative effort – efficient growth even more so.

Finance and Talent business partners need to speak the same language and share goals for successful collaboration to occur.

Our first panel brings together seasoned leaders from both worlds to help us understand how to create the right environment for efficient growth.


Save time planning and managing headcount

"Eliminating the Slack conversations and multiple spreadsheets regarding headcount and moving to one tool has been a huge time saver!"
Breanna Paredes
Breanna Paredes
Head of Global Talent
"We are a hardware company that has a complex hiring plan. We used spreadsheets in the past, and it created a lot of resourcing issues.TeamOhana has brought transparency, clarity, and process to our headcount planning, opening up much needed conversations about headcount."
My Doan Cong
VP People
"TeamOhana stands as a pivotal partner in our pursuit of excellence. Its innovative features, coupled with its commitment to simplifying and enhancing our processes, have propelled our hiring practices to new heights."
Lulu Vega
Talent Experience Specialist