Strategic headcount management.

Automate busywork. Control spend. Supercharge collaboration.

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Improve capital allocation to unlock efficient growth


Variance in
headcount budget




Hours saved
per month

Trust your headcount data

Get real-time, accurate headcount data that automatically syncs with your HRIS, ATS, and hiring plan.

Stop relying on manual spreadsheet updates.

Streamline headcount approvals

Ensure the right people approve every request and its corresponding budget impact.

This includes clear visibility into change requests and employee lifecycle changes.

  • New headcount
  • Compensation changes
  • Start Date changes
  • Backfills
  • Internal transfers
  • Promotions

Get a handle on your effective headcount

Bring together current employees, plus pending starts, plus future terminations.

TeamOhana keeps this tally for you in real-time so you stay ready to report to the Board.

  • Existing headcount in seat
  • Pending starts
  • Future terminations
  • Effective current headcount
  • Approved hires
  • Effective future headcount

What our customers say

"TeamOhana allows us to run a collaborative hiring process and be more accurate on the forecast."

Scott Baumgartner

"We get real-time signals to dynamically adapt to business changes and shift capital allocation sooner."

Keith Masuda
VP Finance

"TeamOhana gives us a platform with the accuracy and reliability we were looking for."

Yatin Mody
Head of Strategic Finance

"We’re not getting the Slacks, we’re not getting the spreadsheets. We’re saving a ton of time by having one tool."

Molly Murphy
Head of Talent

"In an email or a Slack, approvals can get very confusing. TeamOhana put us all in a linear structure."

My Doan Cong
VP People

Strategic Headcount Management: Explained

Learn the new approach to control and forecast the #1 expense on your P&L by managing headcount more efficiently.