Why watch:

How IonQ leveled up headcount planning

In this webinar, learn from IonQ about eliminating headcount spreadsheets, leading to 84 hours a month in time savings and six-figure cost savings. The driving force behind the transformation? IonQ improved visibility and collaboration in the planning process, allowing for better decision-making.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how IonQ quantifies the costs of wasted time in spreadsheets, including how they’ve saved 84 hours a month for Finance and Talent teams.
  • Discover how IonQ prevented six figures of unapproved headcount spend.
  • Learn how key stakeholders––Finance, Talent, and hiring managers––eliminated silos and now work seamlessly across teams, ensuring everyone is aligned with strategic goals.
  • See how IonQ uses real-time visibility into headcount plans and budgets to make more informed decisions.

Join us and reimagine your approach to headcount planning. IonQ is leading the way, and you can too!

Tushar Makhija
Founder & CEO, TeamOhana
Omar Hamade
Sr. Finance Manager
Jessica Hocken Allen
FP&A Business Partner