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When it comes to scaling companies, focus on simplifying the complex.

This episode features Eric Krash, who currently leads Talent Acquisition at WeightWatchers, after successful stints with Curated and Houseparty. He's always been in the recruiting world, but he's not your average recruiter. Eric sees the world as an executive operator sees it, and has become a trusted partner to the CEO.

What I'm seeing is companies moving from an 'acquisition at all cost' perspective to really trying to cost optimize and globalize their approach to growth.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Eric's tips for scaling a company with top-tier talent
  • Practical advice on aligning personal and corporate objectives, fostering productivity, and creating an environment that motivates employees to perform at their best
  • How to measure 'quality of hire'
  • Approaches for building a global talent network
Beverly Carleton
People Advisor, TeamOhana
Eric Krash
Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition, WeightWatchers