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Discover Workforce Planning best practices.

Workforce planning is the recurring alignment headache that every company endures on its path to growth. After all, headcount is 70% of your costs. 

But this process is largely broken. Instead of collaborating, most stakeholders are trying to track plans across spreadsheets, IMs, emails, and Zooms. Instead of making proactive decisions, you’re reacting to outdated data.

In this webinar, an FP&A manager who was once burdened by the challenges of workforce planning will share his transformational journey from spreadsheet chaos to efficient process. 

Aaron Solomon has mastered workforce planning, and implemented a collaborative process between Finance, Talent, People, and budget owners. As a result, he's reduced errors, eliminated low value manual work, and now uses real-time insights to guide better decisions for Docker.

Register to learn:

  • How he uses real-time data to drive more accurate headcount plans and forecasts
  • How to ensure budget adherence by eliminating unapproved hires and budget overruns
  • Why plan visibility is critical for a more collaborative planning process
  • The value of automated headcount reconciliation and plan merges

Join us on August 23rd to say goodbye to isolated planning and lagging data, and hello to collaborative workforce planning.

Charlie Schrier
Head of Marketing at TeamOhana
Aaron Solomon
Sr. FP&A Manager