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    • After we connect the org chart to your ATS and HRIS you'll never need to  update it again.
    • Save hours of manual work maintaining those PowerPoint and Excel templates.

"With TeamOhana, hours and hours of manual work has been eliminated, so my team can focus on what's really important.

Holly Cafiero

Chief People Officer, Newsela

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Static vs. Dynamic Org Charts

You could use a static template...

  • Download a free PowerPoint or Excel template
  • Spend hours manually creating your org chart
  • Create a read-only version so others can vet it for accuracy
  • Watch it go out of date the minute someone is hired or terminated
  • Spend more hours updating it when it gets too outdated

Or you could try TeamOhana's Dynamic Org Chart.

  • Spend 30 minutes with our team to set up your integrations and org chart
  • Never worry about updating the org chart again
  • Never lose track of which org chart version is floating around
  • Stay on the same page with all department leaders
  • Start making data-driven staffing decisions
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You're 4 steps away from a Dynamic Org Chart

  1. Get on the waitlist by filling out the form above.
  2. Join a 30 minute setup call to connect your HRIS and ATS to TeamOhana.
  3. Let the data populate.
  4. Give access to other colleagues and start making better people decisions!

About TeamOhana

TeamOhana is a strategic workforce planning platform for modern companies to collaborate, plan, and grow. We use our HRIS and ATS integrations for more than just a dynamic org chart; those integrations also power bottoms-up planning, a real-time hiring tracker, headcount forecasts, and people analytics. To learn more about our enterprise platform, contact us.

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What our customers have to say

"TeamOhana allows us to run a collaborative hiring process and be more accurate on the forecast."

Scott Baumgartner

"We get real-time signals to dynamically adapt to business changes and shift capital allocation sooner."

Keith Masuda
VP Finance

"TeamOhana gives us a platform with the accuracy and reliability we were looking for."

Yatin Mody
Head of Strategic Finance

"We’re not getting the Slacks, we’re not getting the spreadsheets. We’re saving a ton of time by having one tool."

Molly Murphy
Head of Talent

"In an email or a Slack, approvals can get very confusing. TeamOhana put us all in a linear structure."

My Doan Cong
VP People